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KARELIA School of jeepers

30 000 руб.

Tour type: jeeping

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Length: 550 km driving

Season: May – November

Requirements: to participate as a pilot - driving icense and skills not less then 3 years.

Age restrictions: driving from 21 years, as a passenger - from 8 years old.
Car specification: TOYOTA Land Cruiser

Arrival/departure: by train from / to St Petersburg or Moscow


Day 1  

Route: Lodeynoe Pole - Yin - Nurmolitsy - Semiozere - Irziyarvi lake - Tigvera - Syappyavaara - Varlam Forest - Pannila - Kinerma - Vedlozero - Kolatselga - Kohtuselga (260 km)

Meeting at the railway station by the guide, breakfast in a city cafe. After a hearty breakfast we will go to start the first lesson. We go to the abandoned airfield, where you will learn control off-road vehicle. It is this place will become a training ground for our further study art of jeeping. Carefully listen to the introductory safety training.

During the three-hour sessions you will gain skills and learn techniques that will be useful to you. Instructors give many pieces of advice.

Then we go to the village Kinerma. Our route will pass through abandoned Karelian villages, that have retained their old names and appearance, Syappyavaara and Varlam forest. They are in the depths of the forest and the path to it lies through the swamp. Along the way, we will find a picturesque place, where you can enjoy the beauty of the Karelian nature to make a few pictures on the memory, breath and eat!

On route we stop at the ruins Tulmozerskogo iron foundry. The instructors will tell you very interesting story of this place.

 The first day was full of events and emotions! it's time to relax. You will spend the night in a cozy cottage on the lake Tulmozero. Upon arrival you will have a hot dinner, and visit a Russian sauna.

 Day 2

Route: Kohtuselga - Koyvuselga - City Kanabra - Big Mountain - Vidlitsa - Ladoga - Olonets - Nurmolitsy - Umostu (210 km)

Today we will assign the previously acquired skills. We will develop new "jeeping techniques." The instructor always will be there for you in difficult situations. We are heading for Lake Ladoga!

On the shore of beautiful Lake Ladoga you will see a huge block of granite.  Varashev stone was served as the initial boundary stone on the border between Russia and Sweden in the 18th century. The path to it lies through the rock shoals and numerous streams.

 We arrived at the next test! Today, in front of you a new challenge - to learn Karelian dunes! Later you can take a breath and share experiences during a picnic at the lake.

 Further, our route will pass through forests and dirt roads. Along the way, you will see many interesting places and be able to capture on photocamera the beauty of the Karelian landscape!

 Our trip concludes in a cozy cottage "Umostu". Hospitable hosts will cook for us a hearty and delicious meal and a hot bath-house! This evening you have to relax as it should!  Tomorrow you will have to compete for the title of "professional"

Day 3

Route: Umostu - Tuloksa - Gushkalka - Umostu (80 km)

On the last day we left the most difficult, but interesting test! Today, you have to confirm the title of jeepers!

"School jeepers" will prepare the route laid down on the full off-road!

Upon successful passage of special stage you will receive a certificate graduate of our school! Now you know exactly the difference between a car "plugs" and «OFF - ROAD».

You will find a hot dinner in the village "Umostu".

 All good things come to an end, here we come to say goodbye ... Vans will take you to the railway station of Lodeynoye field. Bon Voyage!

Upon request

  • valid for own groups of TO/TAs 10+ pax with English or German guiding

The price includes: visa support and insurance for the active part of the tour; meeting in Moscow; Rent SUV TOYOTA Land Cruiser specially prepared for thetrophy-raid - TR-2; transfers as per itinerary; full board as per itinerary; accommodation; banya; Russian-speaking instructor, Russian-speaking driver of the accompanying support car, English or German-speaking guide; all workshops as per itinerary.

The price does not include: airfare to / from Russia, train fare Moscow - Lodeynoye field - Moscow, alcoholic drinks, optional services available in the guesthouses and not included in the programme

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